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The Environmental Law Connotation of the Idea That "Man and Nature Is a Community of Life"

CAI Shouqiu,WANG Meng   

  1. (School of Law,Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,Shanghai 200433,China)
  • Online:2020-07-01 Published:2020-07-31

Abstract: The idea that "man and nature is a community of life" has rich connotation in the environmental law.In terms of the adjustment scope of environmental law,it reinterprets the relationship between man and nature under the life community;in terms of the values of environmental law,it advocates the ecological values of holism;in terms of the environmental subjectivity,it recognizes the subject status of nature;the idea that "man and nature is a community of life" should be raised as the concept,and even the legislative principle of environmental law in our country.This idea extends human moral concern to the whole nature,and regards the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature as the highest value goal.It requires people to establish a concept of ecological civilization,respecting,conforming to and protecting nature,which alsoprovides theoretical support for the development of environmental law in our country.

Key words: human, nature, ecology, environmental law, holistic ecological values, environmental concept

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